Wyndham Bevan

Arrived in Geneva: In December 1992. The love for this international city has forever been growing since.

Organization: Senior Ecosystem Builder for Entnest

Hometown: Geneva

Tell us who you are and what you do in Geneva.

Having grown up in Geneva, my background has been international from the get-go. My mother is Swedish and my father Welsh (UK), and I was born in London. I then spent 20 years growing up in Geneva.

My passion for entrepreneurship was built over the years once I understood the positive influence that it has on every ecosystem. I’m a true believer that entrepreneurship, now more than ever, can support every SDG and, moreover, quickly bring positive change. It’s time we start to collaborate and significantly reduce duplication of efforts.

How does your organization reflect the 2030 Agenda’s paradigms of innovation, integration and collaboration in its activities?

My projects within Entnest: Home of Entrepreneurs, founded in Geneva, reflects the 2030 Agenda by tackling the traditional barriers to innovation, as it be in this case bureaucracy and silos, by offering an online space designed for entrepreneurs to gain access to support (e.g., industry experts, knowledge, co-founders, etc.) and drive co-creation through collaboration across various different sectors.

Ultimately, entrepreneurs are driven to create change and/or find a solution, so we’ve developed our online space to connect ideas and people. We cannot forget that most challenges are similar, and somewhat repetitive, which often means the duplication of efforts. In short, I believe that an entrepreneurship ecosystem will offer solutions to the 2030 Agenda faster and achieve goals quicker.

What do you find unique about the Geneva ecosystem of actors?

Geneva is an ecosystem of numerous international organizations, diplomats, creators, change makers and more. However, what I find unique about the city is in fact the city itself and how it offers a common ground for actors to excel, share and create an environment that allows change to happen. Common ground in terms of urban diversity, economic activity, geographical location and of course Geneva’s internationally recognized brand that has been molded throughout history. In addition, I believe that what makes the Geneva Ecosystem unique is its capability to constantly offer its ecosystem of actors the playing field needed for change to occur!

What do you think is one of the most important qualities of the Geneva ecosystem of actors?

I believe that one of the most important qualities of the Geneva ecosystem is its international recognition and the network that comes with it. The impact that decisions, originating from Geneva, have had on the world illustrates the breadth and strength of this unique ecosystem.

What is on your mind right now?

To make a difference step by step and to facilitate communication and collaboration within and across innovation networks;  to ensure efficient dialogue and inclusive growth in all sectors, locally and globally, directly supporting SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and SDG 17 (Partnerships).

What’s your favourite thing to do in and around Geneva?

During the winter I love heading up to the mountains to ski and relax my mind by changing the landscape, breathing in the fresh crisp air, all while observing the beauty of the thousands of mountain peaks.

In the summer, I’m a huge fan of the Lac Léman and spending time at the lakeside where you can enjoy summer water sports, eat, share family time and meet new people. When it gets too hot in the sun you can simply take three steps before jumping into the cool fresh water.  

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

That I represented Switzerland U-18 at the European Rugby Championships in Treviso, Italy.