So What's Next series: Placing Future Generations at the Centre of Long-Term Sustainability

As part of a partnership between the Graduate Institute and UN Geneva, this new so “What’s Next?” dialogue series aim to unpack new perspectives and insight on the SDGs and long-term sustainability. Through interactive dialogues, sustainability actors from the Geneva ecosystem and beyond will share their perspectives on what’s next in this dynamic and evolving space.
So What's Next series: Placing Future Generations at the Centre of Long-Term Sustainability

A high-level event ahead of the 2023 SDG Summit, in partnership with the Geneva Graduate Institute


Future generations are by definition at the heart of sustainable development. As stated in the 1987 “Our Common Future” report, sustainable development is the “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In spite of this definition, actions and discourses made in the name of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and long-term sustainability seem to be stuck in a short-term mindset.

Through an inter-generational dialogue, this event will discuss what’s next in the quest for equity and solidarity amongst generations, including those not yet born, and how to strengthen long-term sustainability in a systematic way, by approaching sustainability though the lens of inter-generational impact.

This conversation seeks to capitalize on International Geneva’s expertise as a hub for forward-looking multilateralism and sustainable futures, and to build momentum ahead of the SDG Summit that will take place in September in New York. The SDG summit will act as a mid-point, high-level governmental and multistakeholder forum to take stock on the SDGs and accelerate action towards 2030.


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